Promotional Materials

For PERFORMER BIOS, see our ABOUT page >>

The following image files are intended for use in promoting concert events:

CD RELEASE TOUR of New England locations

Poster blanks:
160200-Global_Banjar-POSTER-BLANK-www_CivilWarFolkMusic_com 160200-Global_Banjar-POSTER-BLANK-RGB-www_CivilWarFolkMusic_com

Here are blank PHOTO POSTERS for host use; simply CLICK to download, then fill in time, date, location, ticket price, &c.:

POSTER-Hardtacks-CONCERT-130000 POSTER-Hardtacks-CONCERT-130000

POSTER-Blank-Hardtacks-CONCERT-140900 POSTER-Blank-Hardtacks-CONCERT-140900?w=139

For the following posters, attendance will benefit from the addition of a specific location, date, & time in the blank space at the bottom of the image:

Here are some photographs of Marek & Woody for promotional / print use:

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