Equipment & Facilities


We assume that the host will provide the following equipment at the time of the performance:


  1. projection surface (in order of preference: blank wall, large projection screen, hanging sheet or other smooth surface)
  2. digital projector (for our PC laptop)
    (We can bring our own projector if necessary — please let us know ahead of time!)
    (ALSO IMPORTANT: We assume the controlling computer will be within reach of our performing space, so we can run the slides ourselves.  IF the controlling computer is NOT within reach of the performance space (e.g., at the back of the auditorium), please plan to have a host or volunteer run the slideshow, which involves simply clicking forward as we proceed through the program.)
  3. extension cord w/ multiple sockets and/or power strip
  4. 2 small tables* or stools* (to support our projector and laptop)
  5. 2+ chairs* (armless, please, for the musicians!)

* Whenever possible, older-looking furniture & equipment (wooden, 19th century, &c.) will best suit our costumes & presentation style!

It’s usually more reliable to use onsite equipment; however, IF a host is unable to provide any (or all) of the above equipment, we can supply it (with prior notice).


We can perform in almost any location, but we recommend the following facilities for optimal audience experience:

  • Comfortable seating for audience, either facing front or semi-circled around the performers (facing each other, with projection surface visible at front center)
  • Enclosed space, without  foot traffic or passing noise from hallways or entryways (most theaters, auditoriums, convention rooms, classrooms, sanctuaries, &c. are fine for this)
  • Fair lighting in audience area (they may want to read from some song sheets) and one performers (to show instruments, costumes, &c.)… But lights should be DIM (or off) around the projection surface.
  • Display space (table or other surface) to show our period instruments & sources.
  • If you would like to add a culinary component to your event, let us know… We can provide recipes for hardtack & other period simple foods that add a dimension of taste, smell, & feel to the songs & sights of the Civil War era!

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