“When Lincoln Paid” (Francis Ford, 1913)

Francis Ford’s long-lost Lincoln drama, with original score performed live by The Hardtacks…

About the film:

“When Lincoln Paid is a 1913 American short silent historical drama film written by William Clifford, and directed by Francis Ford, who also appears in the film as Abraham Lincoln.”
more at wikipedia >> ]

16481_10153373306384326_4332684769138348535_nAbout The Hardtacks’ Original Score:

Our soundtrack incorporates various Civil War-era folk tunes and songs, performed live to Ford’s silent film (as reconstructed by Keene State College):

Click to view PDF of notes >>
(Latest updated edition: March 2015)
(Arrangement & notes (c)2015 Marek Bennett & Woody Pringle)

SAMPLE CLIP: “The Fugitive” (no soundtrack)

SAMPLE CLIP: “The Pardon” (no soundtrack)


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