PROGRAM: Heroes of the Civil War in Music & Comics

A lively look at several Granite State heroes through folksongs & cartoons!

Aligns with CSLP’s 2015 theme, “HEROES” >>

The Hardtacks bring the Civil War to life in the toe-tapping, hard-hitting, unforgettable songs and stories of the era.  Through a unique combination of sing-along folksongs and read-along comics, we’ll meet the men and women of New Hampshire (and elsewhere) who struggled to determine the destiny of our nation 150 years ago!  Some of our heroes are well known and celebrated today, others are obscure and neglected…  Find out why Frederick Douglass took shelter in a Pittsfield cemetery one rainy evening!  Learn what happens when a woman doctor from Hooksett volunteers to run a field hospital on the front lines!  Hear from a young Henniker school teacher who finds himself guarding a southern river on a cold winter night… This participatory program immerses the audience in the big issues and daily experiences our heroes lived (and sang) through, accompanied by comics drawn from Marek’s Live Free And Draw series, presented with period costumes and authentic replica instruments such as the fiddle, banjo, dulcimer, and bones.


  • Single set = 45-60 minutes

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Early daguerreotype of Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass at Pittsfield, NH

Cover artwork from Civil War Diary of Esther Hill Hawks by Marek Bennett

Cover artwork from Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby
 by Marek Bennett

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