Vacant Chair (Root & Washburn, 1861)

A favorite song of remembrance and mourning in both North and South, this version of “The Vacant Chair” presents George Root‘s setting of Henry S. Washburn‘s popular poem:

song Vacant Chair 001q

The “noble Willie” of verse 2 is 18 year old John William “Willie” Grout of the 15th Massachusetts Volunteers, who died at the Battle of Ball’s Bluff. posts these accounts, excerpted from regimental histories & recent battlefield visits:

Ball’s Bluff Revisited (PART 1)

Ball’s Bluff Revisited (PART 2)

“We shall meet…” (PART 1)

“We shall meet…” (PART 2)

Alfred W. Thompson painted the Battle of Ball’s Bluff in “Cannonading on the Potomac” (c.1869):

Here’s a brief comics retelling of that battle, from Marek’s 2009 book, Hour 72!:

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