Kingdom Coming: Union Troops Parade in Richmond

From The¬†History of Clinton and Franklin Counties, New York By Duane Hamilton Hurd (1880)…


Richmond, VA ~ April 1865:

After a pretty thorough canvas of the captured and burning city we returned to the fort, in which we had made our temporary camp. The week passed much after this manner until Saturday, when we were ordered out for a grand review. Our regiment was the advance but one in the marching column. It was not a little amusing, as we took our place in the line in the midst of the crowd of citizens who crowded to witness the sight, to hear our drum corps strike up with more that usual spirit, “Kingdom Coming,” the tune to the then familiar negro melody, “Massa run, ah ha, darkeys stay at home.”

The demonstrations of the colored people on witnessing the review were at times frantic for joy beyond all description. They jumped, danced, hooted, shouted, sang, laughed, cried, making every demonstration their ecstatic joy could invent. You could hear them say on every hand, “Dis is what ize bin praying for. Ize so glad to see you all. You all haz cum at las’. We know’d you would cum. Jus see, daze don’t look like de secesh; daze all clean cloze, daze all neat, daze all jemmun. Did you ebber see de like ob dis?”

But amid all the rejoicing of the colored people the white people looked on in evident sadness. …

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