2016 Stephen C. Foster Award

The Hardtacks are honored to receive the 2016 Stephen C. Foster Arts & Culture Award from The Civil War Round Table of the Merrimack!  The award honors “individuals and groups who perform and present the music of the [19th century] to modern audiences.”


The band received the award during a special concert celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Civil War Round Table of NH at Epping Town Hall on the evening of Friday, 20 May, 2016.


During the day, the Hardtacks presented 19th century music and culture to local elementary students at Epping Elementary School.  We even had a few students join us at the concert as part of our ad-hoc Jawbone Folk Orchestra!


Many thanks to the Civil War experts & enthusiasts of the Merrimack & New Hampshire who worked to organize and host such a special event!  Thanks also to the Epping PTO, who made our school visit possible.

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