NHH Humanities to Go: “Global Banjar!”

00-NHHumanitiesOur antebellum banjo program “Global Banjar!” is now available to community groups throughout New Hampshire via the support of NH Humanities’ “Humanities To Go” catalog.

APPLICATION FEE: $50 (paid by host)
NHH GRANT SUPPORTS: Presentation fees & travel for The Hardtacks.
DETAILS: Two weeks before the program, the program host receives a check from NHH to cover the presenter’s honorarium and up to $50 in mileage. The program organizer pays the presenter(s) directly at the completion of the program.


  1. You’ll find basic info on NHH-HTG programs here:
    NHH’s “Humanities To Go” page >>
    Be sure to review our program details at our NHH-HTG listing here:
    Global Banjar: International Voices in Antebellum Banjo Music >>
  2. Download & begin your application here:
    NHH-HTG Toolkit >>
  3. In the meantime, email THE HARDTACKS to work out dates, mileage, and other details, via our CONTACT PAGE >>
    If you suggest 2+ potential program dates, we’ll have a better chance of being able to accommodate your needs.  For our availability, check our CALENDAR page.
  4. Please look over our Equipment & Facilities list, and let us know if you have any questions!


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