United States it am de place (Rice, 1858)

This mysterious half-dialect minstrel song from Rice’s 1858 Method for the Banjo offers an intriguing glimpse into the economics and racial politics of the antebellum era…

Mary Blane (1840s)

The lost-love minstrel tune “Mary Blane”¬†was one of the most popular songs of the early minstrel era (see Mahar’s list):

Here I Am as You Diskiver (1860)

Blackface minstrel tune conflating plantation slavery, the “Indian Nation” (& associated issues of Removal), & antebellum militarism in public space:

Picket Guard (Beers & Hewitt, 1861)

“His musket falls slack, his face dark and grim,
Grows gentle with memories tender,
As he mutters a prayer for the children asleep–
For their mother–may Heaven defend her.”