CD: “Global Banjar”

GLOBAL BANJAR: Politics, Race, & Empire in Antebellum Banjo Music Worldwide [Ordering Info >>]

$15 (+shipping) CD / $12 download
13 tracks / 45:26 / +Booklet (24p)
ISBN#: 700261435770
folk / americana / American history / world history / music history

Delineates the development of diverse national, racial, and class identities in antebellum pop/folk banjo music from various corners of the 19th century globe…

W139+Cover-01f-1-OFC-w=1000[ALBUM ARTWORK (PDF) >>]

151228-GLOBAL BANJAR-AlbumNotes-BOOKLET-p01-(C)2016-Marek_Bennett [ALBUM NOTES (PDF) >>]

Hardtacks04-w=1200 Live program info >>

IN AN AGE OF UPHEAVAL & CHANGE, a BOLD NEW SOUND arises & spreads across the mid-19th century globe — from dusty Southern slave quarters to the polyglot swirl of seaside markets — from California gold fields to the smoldering volcanos of Central America — from the decks of U.S. warships at anchor in Asia to the Duchess’s carriage waiting at Brighton — over it all RINGS THE BANJO & its STARTLING MUSIC, spanning Race, Class, & Geography alike, striking rich chords of Africa, Europe, & America combined in complex CONCERT, heralding the birth of MODERN POP MUSIC & the IMPERFECT EMERGENCE of an audibly MULTICULTURAL AMERICA.

~ { From the album cover >> }


  1. Picayune Butler’s Come to Town [about]
  2. United States it Am de Place [about]
  3. Ethiopian Cracovienne
  4. Jim Crow [about]
  5. Old Folks at Home [about]
  6. I’m off for California [about]
  7. I’m off for Brighton
  8. I’m off for Nicaragua [about]
  9. Uncle Tom’s Cabin [about]
  10. Jordan is a Hard Road No.s 4 & 5 [about]
  11. Oh de Law Gals
  12. Uncle Sam’s Farm [about]
  13. Tycoon Jig


Featured Instruments:


 Recorded in New Hampshire @ Loud Sun Studio

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